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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is a modern private health care institution, one of the largest in Cyprus, with a mission to provide to all the citizens and the visitors of the country safe and high quality medical services 24/7.

Located at a central geographic location in the city of Limassol, offers fast and direct access from anywhere across the country via the national motorway A1. Opening in July 2013 with a more open minded approach, the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus broke away from the traditional hospital operating models.The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus arose from a need to fill the gap  between providing/promoting medical and laboratory services to the citizens of private hospitals in Cyprus, while offering affordable, high quality medical care.

The founder of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, Dr . Andreas Panayiotou, has set as a goal the development and the establishment of a reliable infirmary, with flexible operational mechanisms, in order to gain the trust and recognition for the quality of its services from everybody.

The motivational rationale behind the growth of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is summarized in the phrase:

"From human For human"

The team chosen to implement the objectives of the founder of the hospital are espoused to this rational as well, thus promoting creativity and mutual cooperation.

Apart from the Emergency Department and the Outpatient Clinics, the infirmary has an Invasive and Nursing Department, which are more than adequately equipped and staffed.

The operational policy of the infirmary is, as aforementioned, intended to put focus on the patient and not just on the illness as something to be independent from the person suffering from it.

Nursing and medical staff receive continuous education and training. This, in conjunction with working with physicians of a variety of specialties, allows the hospital to offer a high level of care to  all patients in a pleasant and safe environment.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus pursues continuous development and improvement by following strict operational and management protocols.

This is achieved with commitment towards fostering the best possible services with a humanistic approach.

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Sygos 9 3117 Limassol
(+357) 25 200000

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