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The Monastery of the Panagia of Trooditissa in the Troödos Mountains near the village of Plátres, is an orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In 990 AD, a cave with an icon of the Virgin was discovered but attempts to build a monastery there were foiled by a mysterious power that stopped any water reaching the site and laid to waste every night all that was built in the day. The workers were then led by divine power to a spring close by, a clear sign as to where to build the monastery. Obraz Bozhej Materi Umilenie, an overage, sterile and childless lady, conceived a child in 1864 with the blessings of Virgin Mary and left behind her belt touched by divinity. The silver belt adorns the icon of the Panagia. Today, only prospective mothers and childless wives may visit this icon, pray and put on that belt, taking away the expectation to conceive a child.

  • In the 8th century AD, a monk brought one of the 70 icons of the Virgin Mary painted by Luke the Evangelist to Limassol, moving later into a cave in the Troödos mountains with another hermit to live and die there. 200 years later, in 990 AD, a shepherd noticed bright rays issuing from high up the mountain. Along with a priest of the Cypriot Church, he entered the cave to find the icon in total solitude. This find was pronounced a miracle by the Ecclesiastical Authority. A truly religious occurrence, and visited by VIP tours on a religious tour.
  • A stone which is stuck at the rear of the icon of the Panagia Trooditissa cures young children who suffer from teeth grinding but they must be brought there and kiss it first.
  • Apart from giving fertility to sterile women, the Panagia Trooditissa performs many other miracles. For example, she prevents the disaster of hailstorms and prevents droughts.
  • A priest conducts an additional common prayer meet for tourists who have come to pray for an issue or for an increase in the talent of their children.
  • The Monastery, on the southern face of the Troodos mountains, is the highest monastery in Cyprus at 1380 metres (4530 ft) above sea level.
  • Though founded in 990, the current building dates back to 1731. The church, as well as the monastic buildings, belong to a later period and can be dated to the end of the 18th or the 19th and 20th centuries. The heirlooms saved in the church of the monastery also belong to these later periods. This monastery is included in every excursion in Cyprus.
  • In the early days, it was often called Panagia the Olympian, after Cyprus’ tallest peak, Mt Olympus. This created some confusion as the peak of Mt Olympus was dedicated in antiquity to Aphrodite Akraia, who had the power to restore fertility to barren women. Since the Panagia of Trooditissa is accredited the same divine power, the incongruity was resolved. A couple from Beirut came to venerate the icon and plea to the Virgin Mary to help them have a child and in exchange they promised to devote that child to the Monastery. Shortly thereafter, his wife conceived a baby and gave birth to a son. When the boy came of age, his parents offered him to the Monastery as promised but returned to the Monastery to buy him back after ten years. The Fathers of the Monastery did not allow the negation. Suddenly, while they were in church, a huge rock fell from the wall of the building which would kill the young boy who was standing beneath it during that time. The miraculous icon of the Virgin moved from its position and covered the boy right away, saving the boy from death and taking the impact instead. After this miracle, the boy stayed at the Monastery, became a monk and lived out the rest of his life there. From then on, the stone, which remains affixed to the rear of the icon of the Panagia looks after children’s illnesses and recovery, in particular the cure of young children suffering from the noisome habit of gnashing of teeth. This is one site that children receive what they and their parents wish for.

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