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Cyprus is renowned for the various wines it produces. Vintners have vineyards ranging from just one acre to tens of hectares. Wine is not a new story for Cyprus. Recent archaeological excavations which have been undertaken on the island have confirmed the thinking that this small island has been producing wine for almost 5,000 years. The discoveries testify that Cyprus may well be the cradle of wine development in the entire Mediterranean basin, from Greece, to Italy and France.

This historic panorama of continuous wine history that the island possesses is just one of the reasons that make a trip to the wine villages such a fascinating prospect. A second important reason is the wines of today -finding and getting to know our regional wineries, which are mostly small and enchanting. Remember, though, it is important always to make contact first to arrange your visit. The third and best reason is the wine you will sample during your journeys along the ‘Wine Routes’ of Cyprus.

Actually you need not travel much to get to a wine-tasting set up. Just pick up your iPad or laptop and bung in wine-tasting and you will be inundated with the number of wine makers who run into the hundreds, with pretty good wine too. Try the proven wine routes that have been established over the years. You’ll get to taste wines from the traditional indigenous varieties of Mavro (for red and rosé wines) and the white grape Xynisteri, plus the globally unique Koumandaria to well−known global varieties, such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Wine Routes. There are six routes. These routes are:

  • Laona-Akamas
  • Vouni Panagias - Ambelitis Wine Route, sometimes split into two when one proves too much for the gills.
  • Diarizos Valley
  • Krasochoria-Limassol
  • Komandaria
  • Pitsilia

These routes are explained in great detail in a downloadable e-brochure available at the Govt website at

They give you a background of each route, maps, general weather, the grapes grown, the types of wine available, the various wineries en route, where you can explore cellars, plus handy tips to make the most of your trip. For example, Route one, the Laona - Akamas Wine Route is described as an evocative region with charming little villages, oozing with culture and lush vines, with rustic and contemporary elements nesting side by side.

Situated in the western shores of Cyprus, villages such as Drouseia, Ineia, Kathikas, Pano and Kato Arodes invite you to visit their windswept vineyards. Get to know the Xynisteri, an indigenous grape variety that grows in a climate tempered by the sea breeze, offering cool yet solid wines with a fine aroma, most probably among the best white wines produced in Cyprus.

These and other destinations of the route also invite you to sample the rare Maratheftiko, one of the best red wine varieties of Cyprus.

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