Cyprus nights with plates smashing & Donkey race - Fun in Cyprus

Every tourist is curious about is the tradition of smashing plates or glasses during celebratory occasions. Such an occasion would, of course, not arise in the nightlife discussed above, but is often seen in celebratory functions in smaller Bars and Nightclubs. The origin of this strange custom is not known in much detail. What is certain is that it originated in Greece and soon filtered down to Cyprus.

A celebratory ritual at weddings and other parties and celebrations, plates would be thrown to the floor and smashed whilst singing and dancing. Just prior to the plate smashing, there would have been a performance on stage by known stage artistes. Knives would be thrown, specifically towards the feet of performing artists on stage, with the thrower shouting "Opa!" to signify respect to the artist and indicate enjoyment and approval of their performance. This practice died out due to many mishaps and injuries, and soon the smashing of plates took over. It is said this custom is an expression of 'Kefi', which roughly translated means 'the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits, or frenzy'. Plate smashing can still be found in some parts of Cyprus (and in Greece), however, this tradition has now been replaced by the throwing of flowers, due to the obvious 'safety' problems associated with many plates being smashed. In many bouzoukia or other modern establishments, girls with baskets or trays filled with flowers go around the tables and sell them to the customers, who then throw them to the performers on stage.

4VIP Tour will arrange this experience in a trip to one of the many different Cyprus village style taverns that still conduct the ritual. One of better village taverns is in Omodos, near Troodos, with old style musicians, singers and traditional dancers included. Visitors are allowed to smash plates as well and they are very excited about it. After the meal, guests are entertained with Greek and Cypriot music and dancing, including the famous Sirtaki, which is an entrancing and enticing dance which will tempt you to join in.


Tours in Cyprus generally include an excursion to a Donkey Farm, which is something unique. If you want to do something different and memorable during your stay in Cyprus, then a donkey riding trip is a must for you. 4VIP Tour can organise such an excursion for you and your family or friends.

The concept of visiting a Donkey Farm combines both ecological education and enhancement while having a rip-roaring time. Started some 16 years ago, the primary idea of this out-of-the-ordinary scheme was to provide shelter and finance for the veterinary care for the Cyprus Donkey− a species on the verge of extinction. The immediate success of the idea, which started as a low profit venture to recover the costs involved plus a small sum for veterinary care, had the expected fallout: a slow but definite drift into the commercial world as any successful idea does, by introducing mounted trips to nearby monuments and other historical or religious sites, followed by a group meal with strong Cypriot wine like the 90 proof Zivania, highly touted Certificates, etc. The remarkable success of this exclusive excursion product brought the project great publicity, while many adventurous tourists enjoyed the outing and still cherish memories of it.

The visit will be location dependent. 4VIP Tour will bring the visit into your ambit and not the other way around. There are quite a few donkey farms and 4VIP Tour will take you to one near Protaras if you are resident at the gateway to ‘Ayia Napa’ or to one in the Troödos Range if resident in Limassol.

On arrival at the farm, guests will sample many of local delicacies including FULL Cyprus meat meze which will includes also cheese, village breads, olives, fruits, etc., all a produce of (or made in) the village, as well as the best local wines, tending to the stronger varieties. There will be a tavern close by for guests with other preferences. All visitors will get to pet the friendly foals before a demonstration and a safety briefing on how to ride and control the Cyprus Donkey. Each rider will be allotted an appropriate donkey based on his/her weight. That’s when the fun begins.

Be prepared for ardent and vociferous villager participation as they too join in the fun. It could develop into a loudly cheered and fully filmed or photographed tug-of-war against a recalcitrant donkey, who can sometimes behave like a mule! Sometimes, the villagers prompt you into racing against each other on Donkey, which is great fun for the family. Needless to say, the rides are fully supervised, absolutely safe and do not harm the donkeys either.

This excursion in Cyprus can be customized. VIP Tours believes in satisfying the wishes of each of its guests. The ideal option would be to take a Donkey trip starting two hours before sunset, starting festivities at the farm including dinner, returning home to refresh yourself and get rid of the donkey’s smell and head out for Ayia Napa at 11 pm. If your wish is a Donkey trip by itself, VIP Tours anticipates a one and a half to two hour trip

Interesting addition to the tour in Cyprus, what?

Private car with driver for 3 hours
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Private minibus with driver for 3 hours
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Additional hour
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