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The lives of St. Cyprian, a sorcerer reformed and converted by the Almighty through St. Justina circa 268-304 AD, and her own life history give details in Christian literature of sorcery and its power over men—and its defeat by the power of Christ. Executed in Antioch, an ancient Greek city, but buried in Rome, their remains were hidden in a small village church in Meniko, near Nicosia, in the 13th century. Many were healed by worshipping the relics of the saints, including Cypriot King Peter 1 Lusignan, who had a bigger church built on the site in mid-14th century. Saints Cyprian and Justina have worked many miracles through their intercession for victims of an evil eye or a curse and those suffering from satanic influence, voodoo or black magic. The monastery also hosts the power of St. Spyridon, who confers blessings on those who pray to him for help with their business or tide over difficult financial times.

  • This compelling story is based on the first-hand testimony of Cyprian, who was a sorcerer and a leading servant of the demons himself for over three quarters of his life. The story of his conversion is the reason why VIP Tours include this site as a religious tour.
  • Justina was a pagan; her father Aedesius was a priest of the idols, and her mother was named Cledonia. Justina by chance heard the words of salvation from Deacon Praylius and converted on her own to Christianity, ultimately proselytizing her parents. This monastery is listed in every tour of Cyprus. A large number of Russians come here.
  • St. Justina is credited for comforting her mother prior to her death by quoting Prophet David: “I shall not die, but live, and I shall tell of the works of the Lord” (Psalm 117:17).
  • The monastery holds a piece of the slippers worn by Bishop Spyridon Trimifuntsky of the 3rd century. St. Spyridon is known for showing clear proof of Unity in the Blessed Trinity. Apparently he took a brick and squeezed it: instantly fire moved upwards, water began to flow downwards, and only clay remained in his hands. “There was only one brick,” said St Spyridon, “but it was composed of three elements. In the Holy Trinity there are three Persons, but only one God.” As Bishop of Tremithus, Cyprus he healed those who were incurably sick, and cast out demons. He also restored a dead infant to life and then the mother who had died in ecstasy! Thus there is always the hope that tourists will see a miraculous health recovery.
  • Through St. Spyridon’s prayers, drought was replaced by abundant rains, and incessant rains were replaced by fair weather. Through his prayers the sick were healed and demons cast out.
  • Christian manuals say, “And let him who has in his heart even a spark of repentance take courage and hope, for this Life is also the surest proof that God's mercy is stretched out even to the most lost of souls. If the sorcerer Cyprian could be saved and become a mighty intercessor for the demon possessed, then there is hope for those also who even now have fallen into the darkest and most unnatural sins of our dark age.”
  • St. Spyridon, though born a shepherd in Cyprus, lies buried on the island of Corfu, Greece. Cypriots are loyal to their own and come here in his memory in an excursion in Cyprus.

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