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Also known as Panagia Chrysospiliotissa, it was built in the 17th century in honour of Panayia Khrysospiliotissa, Our Lady of the Golden Cave. This was a catacomb that was reworked to form a large cave within which a Church was erected. The 12th century Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary of Valana in the Church is believed to have miraculous powers. It is the only Icon in the whole World where women have to pray within a circular miracle spot and then go beneath the icon to receive the fruit of their prayers. Women from around the world come to ask the Virgin for a successful marriage. While such a request may be made at several sites, barren women come to this cave to pray for an issue. Even if medical specialists rule out childbirth for a woman, that woman will conceive after observing the ritual.

  • A pair of wooden carved boards depicting the scene of Adam and Eve with the serpent offering the forbidden fruit is also kept there, reportedly dating back to the 12th century. The Panayia is strong enough to entrance people to come there on a religious tour and VIP Tours obliges them.
  • The small traditional village of Laneia lies in the hills of the wine making region of Limasol. The village probably got its name from Lana, the daughter of Dionysos, the God of wine. Another possibility is that the name was derived from the acorn tree ‘ba lania’. The former seems more likely as this village is well known for its wine.
  • The village is about 25 km north of Limasol on the road to the Troodos Mountains, at an altitude of 575 metres above sea level. Its altitude provides great views for tourists. On a downslope facing south, its white chalky soil offers ideal conditions for growing grapes for producing top quality wines.
  • Archeological artifacts dated circa 1050 –750 BC show this village to be at least 3,000 years old. This fact bolsters tourism in Cyprus.
  • There are indications Laneia was an important settlement for miners during the peak of copper production in Cyprus around 1600 BC, making it a place to visit in an excursion in Cyprus.

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