Rejuvenation and Injections - Fun in Cyprus

The past few years have seen Cyprus gain prominence for its excellent healthcare system that offers value for money and quality medical treatment for patients from all over the world. Over the last few years, Cyprus’ healthcare system has improved tremendously and is something that both Cypriots and the practitioners can be justifiably proud of. European and other patients stand to benefit considerably from the vast quality treatments that Cyprus offers.

The quality of its exponents has also gone up with super-specialisation rather than just specialisation. The question is the same as that in Snow White: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? –translating into a perception of loss of personal beauty. The requirements are quite common: Cellulite, wrinkles requiring non-invasive lifts using Botox therapy, liposuction, Facial and Body Mesotherapy and the like. Cyprus has the luxury of boasting of the presence of the best of Harley Street who usually combine business with pleasure.

Their clinics are fully equipped and the superspecialists take up plastic and reconstructive surgery here. The patient gets the benefit of the best in treatment plus the bonus of anonymity. Life is short, and if the old get the cold shoulder, why show age? Rejuvenation therapy and the revolutionary Coolsculpting body weight loss treatment are quite the rage. You could go in for mesotherapy. Facial and corporal mesotherapy consists in dermic infiltration with hyaluronic acid, essential amino acids, vitamins and oligoelements. Its main advantages are its ability to add volume to tissues and to recontour the face. 4 VIP Tour will gladly fix an appointment for you and transport you to the clinic and back at your leisure.

The medical therapy will take your entire morning. After a restful few hours back home, you will definitely be waiting to go out and indulge yourself with a clean and healthy night session. 4VIP Tour will recommend several option for you depending on your requirements and wishes and will book an overnighter in a Hotel if requires.

Private car with driver for 3 hours
120 euro

Additional hour
25 euro

Cost based on 2-4 Person

Private minibus with driver for 3 hours
220 euro

Additional hour
35 euro

Cost based on 5-8 Person

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