Skiing in Troodos (winter season) - Fun in Cyprus

Right in the middle of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus towers Mt. Olympus. At just under 2,000m, its able to collect enough snowfall from late December to March to have its own resort. Originally built and operated by the British army after the Second World War, the 60s saw the Cyprus Ski Club take over the resort and have since installed more lifts and expanded the terrain. It is about an hour’s drive from Nicosia and Limassol and a short walk from Troodos village. 4VIP Tours will arrange a visit if required.

Cyprus is most known for its endless beaches and its sunny, clear and unclouded weather which can be enjoyed for more than 8 months a year. But, when winter comes, up on the mountains you can also take pleasure in the snow and ski. The mountains of Troodos are, without a doubt, a popular summer destination as they offer coolness from the sizzling temperatures. However, believe it or not, they also reach a peak of visitors between January and March, since they are Cyprus’ major skiing centre. It is an excellent excursion in Cyprus for skiers.

Not surprisingly the season is rather hit and miss; the snow doesn't tend to last too long once on the ground, with rocks showing through after about 4 days without snow. However, when the snow is good then there are a few trees to board through. The 4 drag lifts are old but seemed to keep going all season without a hitch, but they seem to have lost the keys to the piste basher as it's seldom used. But that does not hurt its attraction as a site to visit on a tour.

The slopes can be busy at the weekends and holidays, but it is normally quite quiet during the week with just small number of people on the slopes. Locals only just beginning to recognise snowboarding and up till now only skis are available to rent from the store situated next to the cafe adjacent to the 'sun valley' run. Boards can be purchased from Force Eight Sports in Limassol. During heavy snowfall, the local police will stop vehicles from reaching the slopes unless you're in a 4x4 or using snow chains. For 2 or 3 days you can have some fun, get your board legs for the season, get some weird looks from the local (pink all-in-one wearing) skiers, and in the afternoon you can go sit on the beach. It’s a marvelous Island of Cyprus where you can swim and ski within an Hour! Book your ski tour with 4VIP Tour and you will not be disappointed.

List of slopes:

  • Sun Valley I (Aphrodite)
  • Sun Valley II (Hermes)
  • North Face I (Dias)
  • North Face II (Hera)
  • Cross Country Track

Private car with driver for 3 hours
120 euro

Additional hour
25 euro

Cost based on 2-4 Person

Private minibus with driver for 3 hours
220 euro

Additional hour
35 euro

Cost based on 5-8 Person

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