Sports Package with 5 days tours included

9 nights

Sports Package with 5 days tours included

4 PAX – 650 P.P.
6 PAX – 590 P.P
8 PAX – 550 P.P.

Day 1

Arrival to Cyprus and accommodation in the Hotel

Day 2

Sign seeing tour of Cyprus. Visiting Limassol castle and Marina, Paphos fortress and Marina.

According to tradition Limassol Fortress is a place where Richard the Lion heart married Berengaria of Navarre and crowned her Queen of England in 1191. The fortified walls are of considerable archaeological interest and thought to be fragments of a much larger castle.

According to Etienne de Lusignan, it was built in 1193 by the founder of the Lusignan dynasty, Guy de Lusignan but the first official reference to the fort dates to 1228, during the involvement of Frederic II of Germany in the affairs of Cyprus. Below the eastern hall there is a basement with cells, which was used as a prison until 1950. Today, the fort houses the Medieval Museum of Cyprus. Limassol Marina was opened in 2014 on the prototype of famous Dubaii version. This is a high class place with most gorgeous residence, Yachts clubs, variety of Restaurants and bars, shopping area, top Spa remaining well knowing to locals and foreigner visitors as a main attraction.

Visitors can take photos, visiting local souvenir shops and have a cup of coffee glazing to the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

Our journey will continue with visit to Paphos castle of Nea Paphos, on the west side of the harbor, was first erected in mid-13th century by the Lusignans to replace the castle at “Saranta Kolones” (“Forty Columns”), which is located approximately 600 meters to the northeast. It is a small fortress, built exclusively of limestone blocks. It is accessed through one gate only on its eastern side and it has very small windows. On the same side of the harbor there are the remains of a second fortress, probably built at the same time with the extant one. Let us travel back in time, so that we may grasp the significance of this castle for the island’s defenses, mainly during the Medieval Period (1192-1489). At the end of our journey we will walk though beautiful Paphos Marina and have some free time for drinks and food before we set back. 

Day 3

Sport activities arrange by the local Water Sport Center. Option will include two hours activities from following: kayaking, pedal board and sailing boats or any non motorize activities.

Day 4

Free day to explore the city

Day 5

Sport activities arrange by the local Water Sport Center. Option will include choice of Flyboard (flying jet ski) for 30 Minutes. For more information Kite surfing. For less adventures persons Banana board, Water-ski, Wakeboarding or Bounce and ride could be provided.

After lunch we will set off on 2 hours bike adventure around the town to explode local tourist attraction

Day 6


Day 7

Half day Boat trip with stopover for snorkeling by Cape Greco caves. Cape Greco lies between the towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras, both of which are popular tourist resorts. It is frequently visited by many tourists for its natural beauty. It is a protected nature park. From the high points on the cliff that rests at the cape one can view amazing sights out to sea.

According to local legend it is also the home of the 'Ayia Napa sea monster'.

In the afternoon we will stop in Ayia Napa harbor to enjoy the dinner.

Day 8

Free day to explore the city

Day 9

Trip to Troodos Mountains, whose highest peak almost reaches 2000 metres and is covered in snow in the winter, is a cooler alternative in the summer to the heat of the coast. Here some fine walking is to be had along trails that go through scented forests of pine, past waterfalls and take in magnificent panoramic views across the island.

The mountains are unique geologically and one of the few places in the world where geologists can study what was once the oceanic crust without getting wet. Pillow lava, resulting from the underwater volcanic eruption 90 million years ago that gave rise to the island, can easily be seen along roads and hillsides all over the Troodos area. It is one of the five most rich in copper areas in the world and the island, whose name in Greek is 'Kypros', may have given the metal its Latin name, cuprum.

Four main trails cover the area – “Atalante” goes round Mount Olympus; “Persephone” leads to a spectacular viewpoint; “Kalidonia” leads to the Caledonian waterfalls; “Artemis” encircles the Chionistra summit. Other trails go across the Madhari ridge. Many important features or plants are signposted along the way pointing to the numerous endemic plant species of the area.

Birdwatchers may also spot the rare and protected eagle, the griffon vulture, or the colorful hoopoe, and of course the nightingale, which did not let the Nobel winner poet, George Sepheris, sleep in Platres. Occasionally if you are lucky you may see a Cyprus mouflon, a kind of wild sheep peculiar to the island, which roams free in the extensive forests of western Troodos and is the symbol for the island’s national carrier.

Some of these paths lead to splendid monasteries or tiny painted Byzantine churches. Ten of these churches have been put on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their colorful frescoes on walls and apses and their unique architecture of pitched timber roofs.

Day 10

After breakfast, free time to explore the city. Transfer from the hotel to the airport and return to Warsaw.

* Cost include: private car and English/Russian speaking guide
* Cost per person and based on number of people.
* Prices do not include cost of food or accommodation.